Why Should You Get Media Coverage For Your Halal Brand?

Media coverage for halal brands

Google says that companies need to get media coverage in 2021 if they are serious about improving their brand. Google`s John Mueller, tweeted recently that digital PR is far better than technical SEO for sites. But, where do Halal brands stand these days as far as media coverage is concerned?

The picture looks bleak as most of the halal brands actually exist on paper only. This statement may be a bit too exaggerated.  However, it tells the overall sentiment of the people managing small to medium-sized halal businesses in various sectors of the global Islamic economy.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Media Coverage?

  1. It is cheaper than traditional advertising as you do not have to spend money getting media attention for your brand
  2. It gives your company a third-party unbiased endorsement from a journalistic point of view which provides your brand more visibility, credibility, and trust
  3. It helps you grow sales leads from your target customers

The halal Times is at the forefront of the global halal industry publishing news on various sectors of the global halal economy.  If you, as a halal brand, would like to get detailed coverage on The Halal Times for free, please contact us via email. We can discuss your brand strategy in detail and may be able to give you some useful suggestions to improve your brand awareness among your target audience.

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