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Description: Kanpo Lab is a Japan-based pharmaceuticals company offering Blood Cleanser capsules, a 100% halal herbal product to reduce blood pressure, control blood and, decrease uric acid levels. The capsules are exclusively based on a special medicinal plant found in Australia and Indonesia.

Company Introduction

Kanpo Lab is one of the most respected names in the herbal supplements industry in the world. Our researchers have been conducting research on various herbs and their potential health benefits to people for more than two decades now. 

Currently, we are researching various herbs. One such medicinal herb is Cat’s Whiskers herb which has proved to be effective in reducing blood pressure, reduce sugar levels, and regulate uric acid in the human body.  We have successfully made a product called Blood Cleanser to help maintain the general health of adults around the world. We specialize in Cat Whiskers herb.

  • Controls Blood Sugar
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Regulates Uric Acid Levels
Blood Cleanser capsules

Main Product Offerings

Blood Cleanser Singe product
Blood Cleanser Capsules
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